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Philippa & Donni

I moved my horse Donni to Poplars, in the summer of last year and have been asking myself since why I didn't move sooner!?

I am really happy with the fantastic level of service provided by Jenny, Stuart and Chris and more importantly my horse is very happy too! Each horse (and owner!) is treated as an individual with a very high attention to detail which ensures that they are safe, well and happy.

The facilities are also great with an amazing outdoor arena, super indoor and plenty of off road hacking.

There is great camaraderie on the yard and everyone is very friendly, encouraging and interested in you and your horse, regardless of what level you are at or aspire to be at.
I cannot recommend Poplars highly enough.

Chloe Rocky

I was fortunate enough to come across Poplars in 2011 and the service Jenny and Stuart provided my horse Rocky has been superb. The facilities are amazing, but more important the attention to detail is second to none. It is always a worry when you have a horse on full livery and are not able to visit as often as you’d like, that little things can go unnoticed, but that is certainly not true of Poplars.

I knew I could trust the staff there to notice if Rocky wasn’t quite sound and equally I knew that when I paid for him to be exercised, he would be ridden and not just stuck on a horse walker for a few minutes! Jenny in particular was incredibly accommodating when Rocky was injured and required hand-walking, restricted turnout and bandage changes, whilst Stuart’s desire to share his knowledge of all things equestrian (including how to fix my horsebox’s battery!) was equally welcomed.

Their expertise, care and knowledge is undeniable and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their facilities and services. Sadly I have now relocated to a different area of the country, but were I living in the area again I would return to the yard in an instance!

Ruth Flack

I have been a horse owner for 30 years i have had the pleasure of keeping my horses at Poplars Farm Livery for the past 7 years, The dedication of the team there never ceases to amaze me. I have had several horses in the past, each with a different use (hunters, show horses and happy hacks), All of theses have been kept at Poplars with Jenny and Stuart and so i fully understand their capabilities.

Their incredible adaptability with client’s individual requirements for their horses makes everyone feel comfortable with them. There flexability of their livery services allows you to organise your life with the certain knowledge that whatever you are doing your horse is safe and secure and receiving the utmost level of attention that they deserve.

Poplars Farm is a freindly yard with clients of all disciplines, there is always someone to hack out with, or if you prefer a quiet ride off on your own across the beautiful tracks and paths that you have exclusive access to as one of their clients.

Jenny and Stuart have been working with horses all their lives and have gained so much valuable knowledge and experience. They are always happy to offer advice if asked, but not in the least bit pushy or opinionated.

You are very much left to be allowed to enjoy your horse and their facilities but if you need help or advice they are always happy to help. The have both been hugely supportive to me with all of my horses, paticularly so when we sadly lost my lovely old hunter a while back.

Jenny and Stuart are highly respected team in their field and as such have established great working relationships and easy access to the uk’s finest veterinary services, practical horsemanship practitioners and Equine Osteopaths, it is great to have that peace of mind in the event that you may need them.

Judy Hobbs

I’ve been at Poplars Farm with Harvey since 2001 and have never thought for one minute of going anywhere else for livery in all that time. Harvey has thrived on the unfailing care and daily routine provided by Poplars Farm and when I’ve been unable to be there his care and safety has never been a worry for me. The facilities of indoor/outdoor schools, horse walker, great hacking and turnout fields more than meet our needs both summer and winter.

Tim, Em, Hermi and Rchi

We moved to the Poplar Farm Stables on a part livery basis several months ago and this was one of the best “horsey” decision we have made! Of course the facilities are excellent and our horses are very well looked after, but additionally there was the immediate sense of respect, trust and complete professionalism.

This was just what we were looking for as we have two very different horses with very diverse needs, one an older “extra large” horse with an ongoing arthritic condition to be managed and a young horse in training who can be quite challenging!

Stuart and Jenny offer a very knowledgeable and honestly caring approach to everything, including the smallest detail of your horse’s well-being in a yard of relaxed and friendly people. Nothing is too much trouble – Jenny and Stuart want you to enjoy your time with your horses.

We have begun jumping lessons with Stuart and we have found these very effective. The years of experience of training, competing, and breeding have given Stuart a great feel for what’s best for every horse and rider combination and after a short space of time we can really see the improvements.

All in all they have given us more than we could have wished for in their livery service. We can say hand on heart, it’s the best decision we have made so far as our horses are concerned. Poplar Farm Stables is an absolute ‘Gem’ of a yard.

Yvonne Lynn

I moved into the area 9 years ago and knew no one. Having trawled the local livery yards, when I visited Poplars unannounced one day, I knew immediately this was where I wanted my horse Arnie to be.

It’s not just the great facilities, the varied hacking, the security or the all year turnout – it’s the staff and other liveries that make it a great yard to be at.

For me trusting the Staff at the yard is my top priority. I work full time and often have to stay away or am out of contact. I know that whether I’m at the yard or not, Arnie will be looked after in the way I want.

The staff would notice if he pulled a shoe, cut himself or was off colour. I know they would do whatever is needed without having to get hold of me. I know I can go away and not worry.

Having only ever known one small yard previously, my wimpy dressage horse settled immediately. He is treated as an individual and is handled appropriately to his needs, likes and dislikes.

At Poplars I have met Staff and Liveries who I know will be life long friends. There is no rivalry or jealousy between riders just support and encouragement. Whether your horse is a happy hacker or a serious competition horse he or she will be treated and valued the same.

BHS Approved Livery Yard

Poplars Farm Livery Yard & Stables is a BHS Approved livery yard which has been established since 1999.

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