Competition Livery

This livery option will cover the general day to day care of your horse included in this livery is

  • Mucking out-full beds
  • 2 bales of shavings per week
  • Skipped out pm if required
  • Adlib hay/haylage
  • Hard feed consisting of nuts and chaff
    (special diets can be arranged on request)

* All supplements are chargeable *

Your horse will be ridden by us and kept fit so that he/she is ready to compete at any discipline, and will be groomed daily, Tack will be cleaned daily , clipping will be charged at half price and plaiting will be free.

Competing will be charged as an extra.

There is an evening late check where your horse will be given a late haynet, water top up and basic health check.

Tuesday through Friday your horse will be excercised by us along with tack cleaning and grooming, At weekends it will be the responsibility of the owner for riding, grooming and tack cleaning. Mondays are normaly set aside for a day off for the horse.

COMPETITION LIVERY – £30.00 per day


Your horse will be turned out in the morning  in the appropriat rugs and boots by PFS if not being excercised by the owner or a member of PFS and then will be brought in late afternoon. Feet will be picked out, legs hosed if required and rugs changed to evening rugs.

You will be allocated adequate space in our secure alarmed tackroom along with shelving in our heated rug room, all over seen by our infa red close circuit TV system.

You will have full use of all our facilities.

Lorry/Trailor parking avalible on request.

This is just a general overview of what we have to offer please contact us to discuss your requirements and to find out more.

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BHS Approved Livery Yard

BHS Approved Livery Yard

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